Kimonos Are For Dreamers


A Kimono Queen in Motion

We recently got together a few of our lovely friends to model some of our clothing and to let us know what they thought. One of these beauties was Kerry, a dreamy 22 year old from Miami, FL. Kerry headed down to Wynwood in Miami, a community for artists, dreamers, creators and everyone in between where walls are splashed with vibrant colors. Messages are scrawled across buildings in big, bold letters. Life size cupcakes and an exploding spectrum of color covers every corner. Truly Heaven for a creator.

Wynwood, a neighborhood in Miami boasts two separate dream worlds, the Wynwood Arts District and the Wynwood Fashion District, both up our alley. Commonly known as 'El Barrio' since the 50s, Puerto Rican businesses line the Wynwood neighborhood, giving it a truly ethnic and spiced up vibe. From Restaurants to cafes to lounges, there's lots to do in this colorful little town in the heart of Miami.

The Wynwood Art District is a sub-district of Wynwood and is home to over 70 badass galleries, museums and art collections as well as the highly acclaimed Miami Ad School, Rubell Family Collection, and the Calix Gustav Gallery among others. With all this, Wynwood is truly one of the great homes of fashion and art in our time.

With our beautiful Tribe of Summer Kimono in hand, Kerry took to it and got uber-creative. She shared some of her awesome pictures and in turn, we'd like to share them with you. Mind you, our kimonos and cover ups are made from premium fabrics and some sugar and spice are added to each piece we create (not literally, but you know what we mean!)


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